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Why Use a Buyer’s Agent

Jan 12th, 2011 | By | Category: Articles
Buyer's Agent - Marty Carbone - Albany NY

Let your agent inspect things over.

The process of buying a home can be a stressful and intimidating one for most people.  As a potential buyer it is important to make sure your rights and interests are taken into account all throughout the process.  The best way to ensure this is done is to have a buyer’s agent working for and with you.

A buyer’s agent’s loyalty rests exclusively with the buyer and it is his/her obligation to do everything possible to make sure the buyer is informed and aware of all information in order to make the decisions necessary to purchase a home.

A buyer’s agent will perform the following duties for you:

  • Comprehensive home search based on buyer needs and wants
  • Referrals to Mortgage Broker contacts for pre-approval process
  • Scheduling, coordinating and accompanying all showings
  • Comparative Market Analysis to assist in decision making
  • Referrals to Licensed Home Inspectors
  • Accompanying clients to home inspections and negotiate any concerns/repairs needed
  • Continuous support and advisement throughout decision making process
  • Negotiate any offers or counter offers on your behalf with your input

The process of buying a home does not have to be stressful and uncomfortable…contact us anytime with any questions or take advantage of our services.  Advice and consultations are always free!

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